One trick pokémon

Cubone attacked Riolu for a bit of damage, nothing serious though. This battle was all but over considering that the woman no longer had any pokémon capable of battling. Kirlia repeated her attack, using “Confusion” to finish off Cubone.


The lady with the plant pokémon replaced the fallen Bellsprout with a new pokémon, a Sunkern. Aron kept striking at Cubone but the damage, even though consistent, wasn’t very effective. The targeted pokémon retaliated with spectacular force, dealing massive damage to my steel pokémon and almost leaving it in the red. I recalled Aron, there…

A new sprout

A newcomer entered the battlefield, a vibrant yellow and green Bellsprout. Kirlia didn’t wait for this pokémon to get acclimated and struck it with a confusion attack, inflicting massive damage and causing it to drop, crumbling into a pile of folded vines and leaves. Its owner, the woman, was quick to recall her pokémon.

Short bloom

My opponents released a Roselia and a Cubone, both ready for a battle, and in response I unleashed two of my own, Kirlia and Aron. The psychic ally wasted no time and struck fast with confusion, dealing critical damage to the plant enemy. Kirlia had finished off Roselia even before it could make a single…