Positive charge


I left the student behind me along with his many notes, his vicious concentration and resumed my journey, returning to the abundant tall grass. Considering his focus, the kid would make a formidable opponent in the near future.

The grass around me grew thicker, harder to cross, and I found myself rubbing against every single blade of grass. This inflicted countless small cuts on my skin, not that they hurt but made me very itchy. Between the scratching I noticed the small hairs on my arms were standing up, not from cold or fright but due to static electricity.


This did not make a lick of sense. There was no reason for me to be gathering static, even when rubbing against all this grass. The air crackled and I saw something move between the blades. That was the reason for all this electricity, there was an electric pokémon running around.

I pulled out a pokéball, found a small patch with small grass and waited.

This pokémon was not subtle with his movements and I could hear it getting closer and closer.


The hair on my nape stood up and I released riolu onto the battlefield just as a plusle jumped out of the tall grass. The little red and white pokémon kept jumping and clapping, wearing a broad smile on his face, almost like it was playing and not battling.

Riolu performed a quick attack with little damage but before I could switch him out, I could see sparks flocking together towards the pokémon as he focused them in a single, almost devastating attack. It used spark and almost eliminated my ally in one strike, leaving him paralysed.


I quickly switched riolu for zorua, and inflicted quite a bit of damage with a single hit. Plusle didn’t seem to mind. I think his smile got even bigger if that was possible. He was definitely mocking me and I wasn’t going to stand for it.

My hand reached inside my bag and I threw a ball at the wild pokémon. It didn’t put up a fight and I caught him on the first try. The little joker was now part of my growing roster.



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